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Join thousands of people from around the planet in signing the Pledge of Interdependence below. After you sign, we will soon be sending you information about turning these principles into action. You can also return to this site for regular updates.

The Pledge of Interdependence

I pledge to:

  1. Support the establishment of a predictive, preventive, and responsive infrastructure to protect us from shared existential threats;
  2. Work to ensure the most disempowered among us may enjoy the same essential liberties as the prominent and powerful, that our human commonality is celebrated within the context of our essential diversity, and that our equally worthy lives may be lived in dignity;
  3. Advocate directly and through the communities, organizations, entities, and nation/s of which I may be part to safeguard our common humanity and shared home;
  4. Promote a safe and sustainable global environment for all the species and ecosystems on our planet;
  5. Guarantee the health, safety, and well-being of all children and all people and to ensure that they have equitable education, health care, and security;
  6. Support and share artistic expression in all its forms to help engender connection, respect, meaning, and communication across cultures;
  7. Uphold and promote human fellowship through mutual consideration, respect, empathy, and kindness; and
  8. Act to the best of my abilities in pursuit of these principles.

With intense hope for a better, brighter future for all, we invite you to pledge your commitment to these principles and join our global movement.

Sign the pledge:

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Download (PDF) translations of this pledge: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese (S)Chinese (T), Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Xhosa, or Zulu.

The aspirations in the Pledge are more fully expressed in our collectively driven Declaration of Interdependence. Download (PDF) translations of the Declaration: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese (S)Chinese (T)DutchEnglish, French, GermanHindiItalian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Xhosa, or Zulu.

Next steps

We will imminently be launching major global campaigns to advance these goals. The first, chaired by Harvard School of Public Health Dean Michelle Williams, will seek to enhance our global public health capacities for the benefit of all. The second, Chaired by Ambassador Rick Barton, will champion an aggressive emergency action plan for assisting the most vulnerable populations as the COVID-19 pandemic likely shifts toward the Southern hemisphere in the coming months.

We encourage you to spread the word and join us turning our common dream into a reality: One united humanity. One shared ecosystem. Stronger together.

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