IDEA School

The OneShared.World IDEA (Interdependent Education for Action) School is the educational arm of OneShared.World. The IDEA School is represented by a diverse team of college students and experienced educators from around the world. We are committed to building an interdependent human society embracing economic, environmental, gender and racial justice.

Current projects include the IDEA School Toolkits — to help you better understand, discuss and share the ideas and actions around interdependence — and the “A Children’s Call for Hope” campaign:

“Hope Talks” Conversation Guides

The Hope Talks Conversation Guides will facilitate deep conversation and increase your connectedness with those around you on topics including hope, family and community, climate change, culture, and globalization. Explore the Guides here.

“Deep Dive” Toolkits

The Deep Dive toolkits explore the importance of interdependence and hope to our world today — curated content, activities, and resources to encourage you to look at the world through the lens of interdependence, understand your place in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, develop a hopeful mindset, and drive your quest for meaningful, positive change. Topics include Biology & Public Health, Culture and Self-Concept, Human Rights, Social Movements, and more. Explore the Deep Dive toolkits here.

“A Children’s Call for Hope” campaign

The “A Children’s Call for Hope” campaign invites children from early childhood years through middle school to respond to the question: “Where do you find HOPE?“

Through the voices of children and young people, we hope to stimulate the imagination of all of us who need HOPE in these troubled times. We encourage children from around the world to send in their responses — including pictures, poems, stories and animations. We are creating a special platform to share these messages of hope with the world.

Please email us with any questions about participating at [email protected]

Download the “A Children’s Call for Hope” campaign guide, including how to make submissions:


(More translations coming soon)

Please note: The date for submissions has been extended to June 15, 2021.